Our Team

Meet the team of The Green Box.

A small team working with great dedication to accelerate the energy transition.

We do this by:
  • Providing cleantech companies with a place on our campus and facilitating synergy between them.
  • Managing our own sustainable energy system as a real-life example.
  • Encouraging collaboration between clean tech companies and young talent to accelerate knowledge development.

Ynte de Vries

With his passion for sustainability, Ynte enjoys working on complex technical and organizational challenges, with a focus on people. As a Ph.D. microbiologist, he worked for almost 16 years in various roles at FrieslandCampina. From 2016 to 2021, he developed a clean energy program with a small team that aimed to run entirely on 100% green energy generated from its own chain. As a result, a portfolio of solar panels on rooftops, small wind turbines, and biogas from manure on farms was created, totalling over 130 MW of clean installed capacity. Ynte joined Koolen Industries in 2021, where he established Business Development, Marketing, and Communications before continuing to contribute to the organization as COO. As of February 1st, 2023, Ynte has started as CEO within the team of The Green Box.

Annemarie van Loo

With her can-do attitude and eye for detail, Annemarie brings her hospitality background to life, making our cleantech campus a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone who comes here.

As the location manager, she is the first point of contact, but her responsibilities extend beyond that. She is also involved in all new construction and renovation projects at The Green Box. With her commitment and dedication, she aims to make The Green Box a place where everyone feels at home.

Ivo Keizer

Ivo is a seasoned professional when it comes to managing technical installations in complex locations. Having worked with the site's facilities since 2013. He knows The Green Box like the back of his hand. With an additional 16 years of experience in installation technology within utilities and industry, it's clear that technology runs through Ivo's veins.

As of August 1, 2021, Ivo joined The Green Box as our Facility Manager. He is responsible for maintaining and upgrading facilities, as well as realizing new projects to fully transition our campus to sustainable practices.

Rien Veldsink

Rien is an experienced energy professional at The Green Box. With 16 years of experience at Movares, a leading engineering firm, he has gained a wealth of knowledge through various innovative projects. In 2021, Rien joined Koolen Industries as a Business Development Manager and continues to play a crucial role in the development of the 20 MWp Agri-Energy park Bijsterhuizen.

Since February 2023, Rien has also joined The Green Box team. With a passion for developing smart solutions and innovations within the energy transition, Rien is committed to further developing our local energy system and share his knowledge with young talent

Eva Velt

With both a creative and technical background and a passion for a green future, Eva joined our cleantech campus. She is responsible for website development, (digital) marketing & communication, and overseeing collaborations with educational institutions. Her goal is to raise awareness of The Green Box and inspire young people to take an interest in the energy transition by expanding their knowledge of cleantech.

Gerard Nijsse

Gerard is a young entrepreneur who has already started two companies during his studies in Business Innovation. Our paths crossed through a collaboration with Inholland University of Applied Sciences, where Gerard is studying. Our mutual connection was so great that Gerard is now helping us increase the accessibility of the campus and strengthen the collaborations between the companies on the campus and the partnerships with knowledge institutions.

Christina Kaiser

In her role as the front office manager, Christina plays a crucial role as the primary point of contact for all our campus visitors. 

In addition to this role, Christina is also responsible for booking meeting rooms, providing detailed information about the use of our pool car, and handling incoming mail and requests with care. Her friendly smile and hands-on approach ensure that anyone who enters The Green Box immediately feels at home and can work productively.