Henri Bontenbal, CDA party specialist for Climate & Energy, draws inspiration from the cleantech developments at The Green Box

For years, Bontenbal has been advocating for the energy transition as a member of the CDA in the 2nd chamber. On March 1, he planned a work field visit with his CDA colleagues from Overijssel and visited The Green Box. A must-see location.

After visiting Pure Energie, the greenest energy supplier in the Netherlands, the group also visited Hengelo for an inspiring story by Kees Koolen. He talked about his vision on the energy transition and stressed the importance of Dutch entrepreneurship.
The newly appointed CEO of The Green Box, Ynte de Vries, led the team on an exploration of the current trends and advancements in the global energy supply. During the session, de Vries also demonstrated how The Green Box is actively working towards building the energy system of the future.

“An inspiring visit. Kees Koolen reinforced the notion that it is crucial to facilitate, rather than impede, companies that are actively driving the green energy transition. We as CDA believe in shared responsibility to accelerate the transition. Such companies are not a hindrance but rather contribute to the solution. Furthermore, this approach ensures the preservation of employment, knowledge, and prospects for future generations in the country”, says Bontenbal.

At The Green Box we work together on cleantech developments to accelerate the energy transition

The organization achieves this goal by providing entrepreneurs with both office and production space while working closely with education and government institutions. The idea is to bring together individuals from various backgrounds to foster innovation and develop appropriate policies. This approach recognizes the need for collective action to realize progress towards a greener future.

Ynte stated; "We were pleased to have Mr. Bontenbal and his colleagues visit our campus. Our shared objective is to accelerate the transition towards clean energy through collaboration. By showcasing the cleantech developments underway at our campus and understanding the CDA's political agenda for clean energy, we gained valuable insight and mutual understanding of the necessary steps to achieve our common goal. This exchange of information promotes collaboration towards a sustainable future."