Samenwerking Inholland & The Green Box

This week, 4 student teams from Inholland pitched their innovative ideas about possible business models to The Green Box team. Inspired by the plans of the students, the recently expanded team of The Green Box continues to build on their plans and realization of the Cleantech campus in Hengelo.

From customer demand to business plan in 10 weeks

In the recent weeks, fourth-year students at Inholland University of Applied Sciences were challenged to write a feasible business innovation plan for The Green Box. The aim was to let the students experience the entire process from customer request to the delivery of a solution to the customer's satisfaction.

In addition to being innovative, the business plan also had to be implementable and feasible. This means, for example, that a clearly defined action plan with a step-by-step plan and cost indication has been worked out.

The four international student groups set to work collecting as much information as possible for and about the campus. An important part was the visit to The Green Box. Experiencing the atmosphere and size of the campus yourself provides new insights and considerations for a feasible plan.

The students were encouraged to also look at the Triple Helix perspective. The term "triple-helix" refers to the collaboration between at least one public organization, one knowledge or educational institution, and one company. As a campus, The Green Box also has an important social role in the area and therefore regularly has to deal with municipalities and government agencies.

Live pitch for the jury of The Green Box

The results were pitched on The Green Box. The Green Box team took on the role of client and treated the students as employees. During these pitches, Ynte de Vries and external strategic advisor and stakeholder Geert Braaksma were also present. Inspired by all the ideas, the TGB team continues to work on the future plans for the campus.All in all a successful collaboration and worth repeating!


This collaboration took place between Gamechanger, Koolen Industries, Hogeschool Inholland and The Green Box