Rent Commercial Space in Hengelo: Office and Production Space

The Green Box CleanTech Campus offers various commercial spaces for rent for companies involved in the energy transition. Whether you need office space, a testing environment, a laboratory, production space, or storage space, The Green Box has it all.

Rent Office Space in Hengelo

For a start-up that is just beginning to an established company looking to expand, there are plenty of options available. Our office spaces range from small workspaces (if you want to rent a small commercial space) to large open office landscapes, all equipped with modern facilities such as high-speed internet, digital locks, a new restaurant, AC and DC EV charging points, as well as charging points for your electric bike and meeting rooms suitable for both conferences for 350 people and small confidential meetings.

Benefits of Office Space at The Green Box

  • Good Accessibility: Hengelo is centrally located in Twente and is easily accessible via the A1 and A35. Parking is free.
  • Innovative Cleantech Community: The presence of technology and innovative companies makes The Green Box a breeding ground for collaboration and growth to accelerate the energy transition.
  • Sustainable Energy: With our 18,000 solar panels, 40 AC and DC charging points, battery containers, and own network management, we are well on our way to making our campus energy-neutral.
  • Connection and Knowledge Sharing: At The Green Box, we believe that the energy transition can be accelerated by bringing together knowledge institutions, industry, and local, national, and international governments. Therefore, we host CEO meetings, “peek-at-the-neighbor” events, and collaborate with all levels of education.
  • Great Workplace for People and Nature: On our cleantech campus, we value biodiversity. You will notice this immediately upon arrival with our large pond, which is surrounded by duck nests, a fish forest, brush piles, and other initiatives to help nature.

Rent Production Space with Sufficient Connection Capacity

For production companies, our cleantech campus offers various options for renting production spaces. These spaces are suitable for different types of production activities, ranging from light to heavy industrial production.

Benefits of Production Space in Hengelo

  • Sufficient Connection Capacity: The Green Box has enough connection capacity and can manage its own electricity grid.
  • Spacious and Flexible Layouts: Our production spaces can be adjusted to the specific needs of the tenant.
  • Logistical Advantages: The good infrastructure and accessibility make Hengelo an ideal location for production companies.
  • Relief of Worries: On our campus, we have all the knowledge in-house to provide connection to our medium-voltage network, deliver construction facilities, and maintain technical installations. For example, we have been able to assist Plug Power in preparing a 1MW and a 5MW hydrogen test station.
Overview of Companies on Our Campus

Rent test space; from hydrogen to medium voltage.

For companies active in electrical engineering and the low and medium voltage industry, our campus offers specialized test spaces at the Damstralab. These spaces are equipped with advanced technologies and meet the highest safety standards, which is essential for conducting reliable and safe tests.

R.I.E.N. Regional Innovative Energy Network Management

The Green Box is authorized to manage its own network on the cleantech campus. We do this under the name R.I.E.N. (Regional Innovative Energy Network Management).

R.I.E.N. offers companies on our premises, and potentially our neighbours outside the campus, the opportunity to secure an electricity connection and transport agreement. In times of congestion, this is a wonderful provision for our cleantech companies that wish to grow and become greener with solar panels and charging stations.

With R.I.E.N., we are taking a significant step forward towards a sustainable and advanced energy infrastructure, demonstrating what is possible even in times of congestion.

High Tech Hengelo

Hengelo is a region known for its high-tech companies, with technical schools and universities nearby. This offers fantastic potential for your company to attract new talent. Moreover, Hengelo also provides an excellent base for expanding towards Germany.

Curious if we have the ideal space for you? Contact us for our current availability.

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