Companies at The Green Box

Read about the in-house companies at The Green Box campus that are involved in the energy transition

Eaton's mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through energy management technologies and services. Eaton Electrical Sector is a world leader with expertise in energy distribution and security, energy quality, control and automation, energy monitoring and management. With more than 100 years of experience in energy management, Eaton (previously Holec) has the expertise to look beyond today. From pioneering products to turnkey design and engineering services.  

With the shared challenge of meeting climate targets, the focus is on accelerating the energy transition. Energy storage systems, energy monitoring, DC systems are smart and sustainable solutions applied in housing, industrial environments, infrastructure and the national energy network, among others.


SmartGrid develops and builds energy storage systems for industrial and mobile applications, based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology. This material is very safe because it cannot combust itself like other battery types. An additional advantage: iron phosphate is easy to mine and has a long life span, namely at least 8,000 cycles. In contrast: one cycle of the charged 500kWh battery can supply 73 households with electricity for 24 hours.

The modular design allows systems from 100kw to many MWs of power and capacity to be delivered with the same design, philosophy and components. This way SmartGrid can easily build up stock and we have the quality in our own hands. All systems are developed and built together with NieuweWeme, here in Oldenzaal and Hengelo on the Green Box.


Koolen Industries invests in clean energy technologies that tackle real-world challenges, enables collaboration amongst their group companies, and delivers reliable solutions that make clean energy accessible for everyone. 

Founded by entrepreneur and investor Kees Koolen in 2019, Koolen Industries has the goal of realising the rapid transition to clean, renewable energy.

With shares in more than 25 leading organisations within the sector, the group has the ambitious plan to become the leading provider of full-service clean energy solutions through their innovative ‘one-stop-shop’ model.


Super B develops and produces high-end Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) for multiple industries and applications, ranging from power batteries for motorcycles and race cars to energy solutions for recreational vehicles, leisure marine, commercial vessels, and industrial markets. Super B’s lithium batteries offer a tremendous amount of energy in compact and lightweight casings that are robust, safe, and reliable.





Working together on your innovation. That's what Beeliners stands for. We get to the point quickly and we love efficient and simple solutions. To achieve that, we take the shortest and best route to success. From innovative idea to working prototype. Throughout the entire process.

We help companies in various industries to innovate. The engineers and specialists of Beeliners are spread out in various locations. The team stationed in The Green Box is mainly involved in projects related to energy transition and sustainability.

When working with Beeliners, you can be sure of personal contact with the specialist, we will respond quickly when you have adjustments to your idea and the IP remains yours. Every day we raise the bar a little higher, with every project we go the extra mile.


Solmax is a world leader in sustainable construction solutions, for civil and environmental infrastructure. Its pioneering products separate, contain, filter, drain and reinforce essential applications in a more sustainable way – making the world a better place. Our products contribute in various ways to the renewable energy transition. 

The company was founded in 1981, and has grown through the acquisition of GSE, TenCate Geosynthetics and Propex. It is now the largest geosynthetics company in the world, empowered by more than 2,000 talented people. Solmax is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, with subsidiaries and operations across the globe.



R.I.E.N.: Regional Innovative Energy Network

Regional: Our network covers the campus area of The Green Box but can flexibly expand to neighboring areas in the Municipality of Hengelo if needed for electricity connection and transport agreements.

Innovative: We have developed innovative solutions to tackle challenges such as metering and monitoring. Collaboration with Prof. Ir. Damstra Laboratory and Plug Power helps us meet specific PowerQuality requirements. Fudura provides the technology to measure these. With Oktogrid’s plug-and-play sensors, we monitor the technical quality and lifespan of transformers, enabling predictive maintenance.

Energy: Thanks to Fudura’s meters, we can monitor PowerQuality and peak power, helping us gather relevant energy data for our tenants such as Eaton and Solmax. This gives them the freedom to enter into their own energy contracts and helps them comply with future laws and regulations.

Network (Management): The operational management of our network is directed by R.I.E.N., while PrivatiS Infrabeheer is responsible for physical maintenance and installation responsibility. Their expertise enhances the quality and innovation of our network.

With the exemption from the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, we can further build a sustainable and advanced energy infrastructure, even in times of congestion.

At BeSolar, we provide advice to individuals and SMEs on making their homes or properties more sustainable. We believe in personal contact to offer everyone tailored and expert guidance. In our BeSolar offering, you'll find more than just solar panels. We focus on all aspects of sustainable energy: from solar panels and boilers to hybrid heat pumps and air conditioning systems. Looking to save on gas and electricity? Our BeSolar advisors possess all the knowledge to assist you in making the right choice for your situation, ensuring the best price-quality ratio. From consultation and sales to installation and warranty, everything under one roof at BeSolar.




Aveleijn facilitates a life full of meaning for people with intellectual disabilities. A life in which you are of significance to others, as a child, partner or citizen. But also a life in which you experience meaning by enjoying everything that life has to offer. Own choices, own strength and own possibilities always form the basis. 

The Industrie Team Europalaan is a work-related day care location of Aveleijn. Here clients perform work for various regional companies. These activities vary from simple packing to multiple assembly work. The clients work in a sheltered space within the business park of 'The Green Box'. This makes them feel part of society and they can get the support they need. 

Aveleijn is a non-profit organization. When deploying clients with an intellectual disability, the interests of this vulnerable group are always central to us.  

Aveleijn is not only committed to healthcare with heart and soul, but also to sustainability. 

For example, many locations already have solar panels and LED lighting. In addition to these technical measures, awareness-raising and education about sustainability is at least as important. This is therefore something Aveleijn is actively working on. 





The Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce is a bilateral organization that primarily aims to promote trade between the Netherlands and The People’s Republic of China. We can usually create meaningful matches between our members through our network in the Netherlands, Europe, and China. Besides this, we help entrepreneurs limit their trade risk with Chinese parties. 

Currently, we mainly focus on companies in the energy transition. Many finished, and semifinished products are “Made in China”, such as batteries, solar panels, or heat pumps. With offices in the Netherlands and the P.R. China, we can efficiently support our clientele in their respective time zone. 

Our organization doesn’t only support finding Corporate Socially Responsible Chinese manufacturers and successful lading of products on the Chinese markets and protecting intellectual property. A selection of our services: 

- Product and supplier sourcing 
- Protection of intellectual property 
- Supply-chain screening for sustainability 
- Company verification 
- Quality Control and on-site Factory Audits 
- Certification support according to European standards 
- Incorporation in the P.R. China or SAR Hong Kong 
- Tradeshow pavilions / Group participation in international tradeshows 
- Logistics support (land, sea, rail, and air freight) 


Plug Power is building the hydrogen economy as the leading provider of comprehensive hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) turnkey solutions. The Company’s innovative technology powers electric motors with hydrogen fuel cells amid an ongoing paradigm shift in the power, energy, and transportation industries to address climate change and energy security, while providing efficiency gains and meeting sustainability goals.

Plug Power created the first commercially viable market for hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) technology. As a result, the Company has deployed over 50,000 fuel cell systems for e-mobility, more than anyone else in the world, and has become the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen, having built and operated a hydrogen highway across North America. Plug Power delivers a significant value proposition to end-customers, including meaningful environmental benefits, efficiency gains, fast fueling, and lower operational costs.

Plug Power’s vertically integrated GenKey solution ties together all critical elements to power, fuel, and provide service to customers such as Amazon, BMW, The Southern Company, Carrefour, and Walmart. The Company is now leveraging its know-how, modular product architecture and foundational customers to rapidly expand into other key markets including zero-emission on-road vehicles, robotics, and data centers.


2-B Energy contributes to a more sustainable world by introducing new wind turbine technologies with lower cost of energy produced and less material use. 2BE has introduced an innovative 6MW turbine that is successfully in operation since 2016.

Our 2-bladed turbine technology offers multiple benefits compared to the 3-bladed rotor, such as less material consumption and waste, reduced O&M costs due to the lower number of components and less transportation costs.

Other advantages of the 2-bladed turbine are that the turbine allows for helicopter landing on the nacelle and the lower top weight is beneficial for application with a floater.

Innovation is still in full swing; while the 2B6 turbine is currently up and running, in the upcoming years we will introduce the Advanced Rotor Technology. This technology will provide further LCOE reductions, making them a perfect reflection of our mission and goal.





Au2mate develops and delivers complete automation solutions with special focus on process optimisation and minimising waste, energy consumption, and carbon footprints. Our solution designs emphasise a high level of user-friendliness, operational reliability, and optimal use of Industry 4.0 technologies to safeguard your investment. We offer training programmes for both operating and technical staff at our training centre, Au2mate Academy, and competent support via our 24/7 Hotline. Au2mate – your partner and provider of quality solutions and guarantor of the optimal performance of your process system.


Damstra Laboratory is specialized in validation of the performance of components and systems used in the distribution, security and control of electrical power. In this field of expertise Damstra Laboratory is capable to perform tests to a large variety of products. 





SocialSaga is an innovative marketing-as-a-service agency that prioritizes sustainability. Founded with the purpose of promoting and increasing awareness for sustainable and ethical companies, SocialSaga offers a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from website development and video creation to digital marketing and employer branding to name a few. Their ultimate objective is to accelerate the energy transition by supporting companies with eco-friendly missions to thrive and grow. They do this by combining data-driven strategy with creativity and a hands-on approach.

Catering to a diverse clientele, which includes both budding startups and well-established organizations, SocialSaga's expertise extends to various sectors. Their decision to establish their first commercial office space on The Green Box campus in July 2023 is driven by a desire to position themselves at the forefront of the energy transition.


At Koolen Industries IT, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable future by providing top-notch IT support and maintenance services tailored specifically to cleantech companies. As an innovative IT company, we understand the unique challenges faced by organizations striving to create a greener world.

Our expert team of IT professionals possesses a deep understanding of the cleantech industry, allowing us to offer comprehensive solutions that enhance operational efficiency and maximize productivity. From cloud-based infrastructure management to cybersecurity solutions, we empower cleantech companies to focus on their core mission while we take care of their IT needs.

Through seamless integration of emerging technologies, such as AI-driven analytics and IoT connectivity, we enable our clients to harness the power of data to optimize energy usage, streamline processes, and drive sustainable growth.

With Koolen Industries IT as your trusted IT partner, you can rest assured that your cleantech venture will have the robust technological foundation it needs to flourish in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Together, let's build a cleaner and smarter future.

PM Energie collaborates and shares an office with PM Energie Regie and Klapwijk Parkmanagement B.V. at The Green Box.

PM Energie supports business parks and therefore individual companies to minimize their energy costs and simultaneously fulfil their sustainability ambitions. We accomplish this by means of our proven market knowledge, the strength of the collective and through advice and support for individual energy enquiries regarding purchasing, billing, savings, monitoring, and production of sustainable energy. We place the customers at the heart of our activities and a personal approach is our priority. Cooperation is the greatest strength of our company. From various cooperating business associations, a few large participating companies help determine the purchasing strategy. By means of volume advantages, we realize savings on energy costs for participating companies together with, employers' associations, industry associations and park management organisations.

PM Energie Regie is a subsidiary of PM Energie, which focuses on energy transition at business parks to accomplish climate objectives and support sustainability enquiries.

Klapwijk Parkmanagement B.V. realizes the start-up and implementation of park management, thereby contributing to safe and vital business parks. Together with entrepreneurs and municipalities, Klapwijk Parkmanagement B.V. ensures a good and pleasant working environment.