The Green Box campus facilitates new sustainable accommodation for Eaton

Eaton welcomes customers in their new office building at the Green Box. The Green Box is the campus for accelerating the energy transition. And just like the energy transition, non-stop activities take place to make the campus more sustainable by applying the latest innovative technologies. From energy generation to state-of-the-art office spaces, such as the new Eaton building. A first at The Green Box and an inspiration for future spaces on campus.


Energy-saving technologies

The entire and maintenance-free building has no gas connection, is fully sustainable and equipped with the most advanced energy-saving technologies. From EV charging stations and energy-efficient lighting to sustainable generation through 210 solar panels. 

The building has higher ceilings (compared to the standard) with lots of incoming daylight, which positively influences the work floor.

Climate control is organized by a VRF system. With one system every office space can be cooled or heated separately through an air source heat pump. In addition, fresh air is blown into the building every 6 seconds, whereby the air present in the room is blown outside the building. The temperature carried by this air is transferred from the exiting airflow to the supply airflow. 
The resulting heat recovery ensures no less than 80 - 90% energy conservation. Energy that would have otherwise left the office building. With all these technologies, the accommodation received an A+++ energy label.

Sustainable interior

Just like the outside, the interior of Eaton’s new building is equipped with design choices made from a sustainability point of view. Staff can sit on chairs made out of hemp plants and PET bottles. This a great example of upcycling.

The hybrid flexible work space that is present in the new Eaton building is also present at other places on campus. The Jedi Building offers 12 large flexible workplaces with lots of incoming light and a lounge area. These co-working spaces can be rented for a small fee.

The Green Box wishes Eaton all the best in their new and sustainable office.